Teething problem

When my wisdom teeth started to grow 10 years ago, all I experienced was some swelling and minor pain, and even those quickly subsided. I didn’t need to go through the horrors of extraction, and for that I considered myself lucky.

Well, that was too early to say.

Recently, pieces of my lower right wisdom tooth started falling off. The dentist said it was too decayed to be restored, and had to be removed. Also, it is “mesially impacted” (in laymen’s term, lying horizontally and partially encased in the gum), so a surgery is needed. Worse, X-ray shows the root tip is close to a nerve, which makes the surgery extra risky. The surgery could damage the nerve which could, in the worst case, lead to permanent facial paralysis.

If you see me smiling on only one side of the face, please understand that I’m not being smirky.