Love is in the hair

I’m one of the few people who find dyed hair a turnoff.

The fact that I’m Chinese might make you think I only like persons with black hair. No. I have no aversion to any hair colour, as long as it is the one the person is born with.

Some offenders are worse than others. On the extreme end of the spectrum, there are people whose hair colour draws suspicion that one or more of his ancestors must be a peacock. Brazen golden highlights are an eyesore. Subtle dyes are less aesthetically criminal, but the original colour is still the best of all.

This is because hair is an important element of romantic attraction and intimacy. When you run your hand through the hairs of your sweetheart, you don’t want some obscure chemicals to get in the way. Yuck! It ruins everything. This is like eating a piece of exquisite gourmet cake with the plastic wrap on.