How much is a kidney worth?

I was utterly shocked to hear that a 17-year-old schoolboy in China sold one of his kidnies for 20,000 yuan.

The boy confessed (only after his parents started to suspect) that he saw an internet advertisement offering cash for kidney. Somehow the Great Firewall of China, which blocks out even the most innocent words so efficiently, allowed such ads to roam free.

But why did he need the money so desperately? Not to save his parents, or any other real emergencies as you might be thinking.

He bought an iPad 2.

When a 17-year-old believes a tablet is more important than his kidney, it is an alarm that something is seriously wrong with the society.

I know China is highly materialistic these days but this is really too far. If some gadget can drive a teenager to hurt himself like that, then it can probably also cause someone to hurt others. At least the boy kept the damage to himself. No, what about his parents?

Let’s hope he can live well with just one kidney and never has to use the Dialysis Apps.


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