London 2010 – Day 8 – Greenwich

This is my last day in London. I went to GMT (Greenwich), before going back to GMT+8 (Hong Kong). Maybe this day was meant to be a good closure of the trip because, as you’ll see, it mirrored the first day in some ways.

Greenwich is reached by the driverless Dockland Light Rail:

Once there, I devoured a big breakfast at Peter de Wit’s Cafe:

The major sights are clearly signed in Greenwich so I quickly located the National Maritime Museum:

I enjoyed the special exhibition on toy boats (I was once obsessed with model ship) and the actual coat worn by Admiral Nelson in the Battle of Trafalgar. The hole made by the bullet that killed him was visible. It was quite a visual impact, amplified by the splatter of blood around it.

A figurehead

Behind the museum is Greenwich Park. At the top of the lush hill is the Royal Observatory, famous for being the site that marks the Greenwich Mean Time.

Here is the famous Greenwich line, formed by tourists waiting to take pictures of themselves straddling a metal strip on the ground.

The view from the observatory is beautiful. Canary Wharf (the office blocks further back) can be seen in the distance. For some reason, this place always reminds me of the financial crisis.

My next stop was the Greenwich Market:

The food section featured cuisines that are not found in Hong Kong, such as Moroccan (yes, this was my lunch, orange chicken with tomato puree on couscous, served with fallen leaves… I mean salad):


And Ethiopian:

Each of these Italian deep-fried rice balls is a meal in itself:

Lovely cupcakes and cookies:

I then returned to Tate Modern, which I also visited on Day 1, for an exhibition on street photography and privacy. On the St. Paul side of the river, the street painter was still working. He seemed to have made good progress:

One last shot of the Millennium Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral:

Time to pick up my luggage at the hotel and head for the airport. This is Queensway Station, the tube station I used everyday during the trip. I can still remember, almost word for word, the announcement about one lift being taken out of service.

My hotel room:

Remember that when I first arrived, I saw a passenger trapped by the doors of Heathrow Connect? This happened again when I took the train to the airport. Why are the train doors so insensitive?

At the airport I was given the most thorough security search I had ever received. The guy scanned EACH of the metal buttons on my shirt and even searched the INSIDE of my belt.

It was sad that the trip had to end so quickly. As if it was some sort of solace, I was treated to this beautiful sunset before boarding:


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