London 2010 – Day 7 – Oxford

On the last full day of my trip, I took a one-hour train to the City of Dreaming Spires. This time I’ll keep writing to a minimum and let the pictures do the talking.

(There are lots of images in this post and it may take a while to load all of them.)

One thing that surprised me was the large Chinese community in the city. Within 10 minutes from the train station I saw no less than three Mandarin-speaking groups, as well as a karaoke bar with signs all written in Chinese.

First, I walked the area around the covered market:

One of the shops sold artistic cakes:

This jewelry store is called “Nothing”, and the shop next it, “Next to Nothing” (I wonder what “Rail Inside” means):

A quick lunch (steak & kidney pie) at a pie shop.

Then I went to Christ Church, one of the 13 colleges of the university. It took me quite a while to find the entrance, but getting lost in the back streets was a great way of taking in the city’s medieval charm:

This is the front gate of Christ Church. Beautiful flowers here:

Inside the college:

Outside the college’s cathedral, two ladies were handing out introductory leaflets. One of them asked:

“Would you like a leaflet as a reminder of what you’re taking pictures about?”

“Great! I was just going to ask if I can take pictures.” I said.

Inside the cathedral:

From the cathedral I found my way to the Hogwarts-esque dining hall:

Then I took a rest at a nearby cafe, and ordered some cream tea:

There was no time to visit another college so I just walked around the Radcliffe Camera area:

I climbed a medieval tower for an aerial view of the city’s famous spires:

Back in London, I returned to Trafalgar Square, this time for a brief visit to the National Gallery.

I could have just taken the tube back to the hotel, but I walked all the way to Piccadilly Circus, and hopped on a random bus.

Because I wanted to get a feel of the city as much as possible before leaving tomorrow.


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