Silence her

I was sipping cappuccino in a cafe, trying to kill that one hour before my French lesson with some reading in quiet solitude.

That quietness was broken when a family of four sat down at the next table. The son and daughter, neither older than six, started asking questions about the menu at the top of their voice.

Children yelling in public is annoying but it’s even worse when the parents spoil them by letting them have their way. They’re your kids and it’s your job to teach them proper behaviour. Muzzle your brats. The kids may be just being kids, but that’s not an excuse for your not being parents.

In fairness to the dad and mum in this case, they did tell the kids to keep their voice down, but to no avail. Kids are like that, what can you do? At least they tried. Believe me, from what I’ve seen, not many parents in this city are willing to even try.

“HARLO? HARLO? IS ANYONE HEEEEERRREEEEE?” Not satisfied with just her parents, the girl broadcasted her nonsense question for everyone to hear. Time for me to step in.

“Hi.” I said to her, with an ambiguous smile, interrupting her scream.

Startled, she blushed, lowered her head, and said nothing more. Quietness was restored for the remaining 45 minutes, except that brief thunder of laughter from her parents and brother.

I almost felt sorry for traumatizing her fragile mind.