Latin music night @ Peel Fresco

My friend and I went to Peel Fresco again on the 23rd. The cozy little bar comes alive at 10pm every night, when live music fires away. The music is free but they do ask you to buy at least two drinks, which is well reasonable given the wonderful entertainment.

Tonight they played Latin music. We were both amazed by the man in white T-shirt, who played the hand drum. His dexterous fingers glided over the drum surface, seemingly bringing it alive with his tender caress. I’m sure the same hand could please his girlfriend very well.

Halfway, though, they started banging too loudly, after downing several shots of tequila. It became a bit too heavy on the ears.

Which is why I think this kind of music should really belong outdoors, to the streets and carnivals, where the sound can travel wide and far under the sun, unrestricted like the festive mood and the passion of the dancers, not pent up in a small room.

To me, Peel Fresco’s posh interior of dim light, huge paintings and velvet sofa is a better setting for jazz.


3 thoughts on “Latin music night @ Peel Fresco

  1. “I’m sure the same hand could please his girlfriend very well.”
    You mean he’ll have his girldfriend “vibrated”?
    Kidding. Yeah, that man is terrific.

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