Flying monster

Spotting above Admiralty:

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?


6 thoughts on “Flying monster

    1. 睇唔睇到個頭?如果响幅圖上加黃金分割線,個頭就响右下角個交叉點,右上角交叉點係其中一隻翼,左上角交叉點係尾

  1. Hi I would like to add a link like yours on the right-handed sidebar, could you advise how to? I found “link” from “widget”, but it seems not the thing I look for.

    1. Kevin, you have to use the “Links” widget.

      First, edit your links in the “Links” section on the LHS of your dashboard. Those links will then be displayed in the Links widget.

  2. Oh, thanks a lot, I tried that one before asking, and don’t see the link I added. Perhaps I do again. There are also some default links (?) there, and don’t see them in the blog. Weird. Anyway, try again.

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