DipTrans 2010 results

I have passed the DipTrans, not with flying colours though, but at least I won’t have to shell out HKD3,000 for a resit next year.

Now, I can blog again.


37 thoughts on “DipTrans 2010 results

    1. Re: Creative News Writing

      Goodonyou, underdog!

      “Underdog never loses faith in himself in such a working environmnt” Underdog said.

      If underdog / you are interested in understanding human brain and human behaviour then you must stay with your chief for more years. I beat you, you will be an oustanding underdog “psychologist” !

    1. Hi Janitor! I think it is the DipTrans that matters, not the membership. The benefits aren’t very useful anyway and IMO not worth the membership fee. Did you take the exam as well?

  1. Hi Kevin,
    I did, exactly the same as your case. Paper 1 & 2 passed in 2009, and 3 in 2010. But I think the membership is a nice clothes, so I go for it. Really want to exchange with you privately about whether we should go for it or not.

    1. Good luck with the membership then, although there shouldn’t be any problem. What was your language combination? You are welcome to share your DipTrans experience or views about membership here! I’m sure a lot of us, candidates or not, will be interested.

  2. I dislike this site. I mean the message I wrote needed to be screened (?) before it gets posted…I left my email in a post, but I could not find that email, strange.

    I don’t know if we met before. I have no idea of your face, except that baby photo. If you could, please email me for exchange. I don’t mind if you post what I said here, just don’t want to come to this page every time when I need to chat with friend, and my posts have to wait in a queue….

    1. Hi Janitor,

      I’ve “approved” (though I hate that word) your previous comment containing your email address, since you’ve made it clear you want me to do so. Please understand that it would be imprudent for me to make your email address visible to everyone without your permission.

      I’m sorry about the screening but please understand it is there for an important reason: it allows visitors to leave private messages. I will speed up the moderation of comments as much as possible.

      Anyway, I appreciate very much your visit. It’s always good to meet and exchange with fellow translators in Hong Kong 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness. I thought it’s some guys in the wordpress (I suppose it’s free service, not sure) screened it. That’s why I said “I dislike”.

    Actually, I asked you to email me simply to tell you something which might be nonsense to readers here. haaa! But it means something to us, at least to me. I am NOT gay.

    Ok, let me confess. My name is Kevin, haaaaaa. And when I made a google search about DipTrans, my goodness. what happened!!?? Why is there someone (Or I did it and I forgot it?) who got the same name and same experience as I did.

    I used the name Janitor, simply to distinguish you and I. Or Kevin replied to Kevin, God….

    1. Kevin, do you mean you also did the Chinese-to-English option and chose the financial and law papers? I might have seen you at the exam hall 🙂

      Kevin reply to Kevin is quite fun, actually 🙂

  4. By the way, what is your plan after making the diploma?
    Look, such plan seems not good for making known to public, I would like to hear (or read) if you don’t mind.

    I also want to know about your background, and could tell mine, but again. I am afraid it’s dumb to do it here, though all my colleagues or friends consider me dumb guy (when I told them my wage and they kept it secret).


  5. Hi Kevin,

    wow, your site here turned me into hell. I keep pressing F5 to refresh different links on your homepage, and saw your post asking me my pair.

    No, I did, English to Chinese.

    Last year I wanted to do it into English as I was too arrogant to believe my English is good. My thought is that, I would never find difficulty to understand Chinese text. But doing it into Chinese, I may find hurdles in the original text. Then game must be over. I struggled for some time, and finally I resorted to Chinese as my target language, you know what I did not touch Chinese for 7 years!!! I could not write many characters (but can type it). So you may say I am a lucky guy.

    1. Trust me, the source text comprehension problem can be even worse in C-E. People write convoluted, hackneyed and obscure sentences to sound knowledgeable. Simplicity is something I don’t see much in modern Chinese writing.

      And I knew I’d forget how to write many characters so I ruled out E-C. Over-reliance on computer is to blame…

  6. To Kevin,
    You and other candidates would never see me. Because I was on my ownsome lonesome in the British Council testing center.

  7. You are very right. The Chinese source text is horrible, which is one of the reason I chose E-C. The author in fact could not write correct Chinese, and lowbrow examiner picked up their stuff for test. To the guy with less experience, wow, the question is difficult. To old-timer like me (with 20 years working experience in the field) I am daring to say, the examiners are defective.

    This was part of my battle with the CIOL. The examiner failed me on social science paper (which I thought I did the best and deserves distinction grade). For my business paper, I spent 30 minutes completing it, and I’ve got “merit”. Do you think it ridiculous.

    When the model answer of the “social science” paper was out. I took a fleeting glance and immediately pointed 4 mistakes, with one grave error. I then wrote to the director of exam of CIOL. She was good lady. She (non-Chinese) asked an outsider to judge, who has no choice but said I am right.

    ok, i have to calm myself down….

        1. Wait a minute. They still failed me last year, and I had to retake the failed paper early this year.

          So “vindication” is not appropriate here.

          Have you heard about Isaac Asimov? He said “if you don’t expect justice, you will never get disappointed”. How right he is!

            1. In fact, I am right. Or do you think they will listen to my bark?

              The examiner translated literacy rate as 文盲率.
              This does not comply with the highest standard that the CIoL claims. I deemed this as grave error.

              Know what? when I got my remark feedback. They (examiners) went to extreme to dig up my punctuation mistakes. You see, they could not find my mistakes.

              The remark mechanism needs an overhaul. They simply said this sentence is wrong. You could not argue with them even you think it is right. They did not offer model answer.

  8. you know what? I think “social science” is my strength as my pass working experience (decade-long) was relevant to the subject.

    But to dodge the “social science” examiners, i shifted (bold and silly, I called it suicide) to “science” this year, and I still made it. Ha!

  9. May I use your site to promote my blog?
    With thanks.

    I used to start some blogs. But I never wrote something seriously. I remember what I ever wrote in those blog like “What a sunny day it is today”. Just one sentence. HA!!

    In another blog, I wrote “Anyone give me an idea to write something?” ha!!


    1. Janitor, you surely have lots of ideas. Those can be turned into interesting blog posts!

      Thanks for sharing your blog with us 🙂

  10. Not exactly, just want to hone the blunt pen. I just updated it, and you are cordially invited to take a look and comment or correct me.

  11. I really want to email you privately. Well, something I really don’t want to write it public even nobody knows me, and I am a small fry. You may find my words here bold and aggressive, but you have yet to see the real face, haaa!

  12. Hi everyone!

    Is there anyone who sat for exams in Athens 21st January 2010? I have not got the results yet and I am getting anxious.

    1. ELENI, CIoL might have gotten your address wrong. That’s the case with Miss Anonymous here and she asked the institute for a softcopy. Maybe you can try this as well.

  13. I sat the exam in Jan 2010, but I still haven’t received my paper result. I called my exam center and finally UK side gave me my result through Email. Does anyone here have received you paper result through normal mail?Do you know how many days sending the normal mail through London to Shanghai will take?

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