Fishing Fear

Another weird and rather macabre dream. For fun, I’ll describe it in rhymes:

I stood on the beach, with my fishing rod,
Something hit the bait, a giant cod,
I pulled it out, with all the strength I’ve got,
It was taller than me, and translucent as quartz.

A man came, offering a sack,
To help me carry, the fish on my back,
But then he ran off, saying it was his catch,
I sent him to hell, with a smack to his head.

A woman came, holding a blade,
Cut the sack to shreds, and dragged the fish away,
Back off, or share the sack’s fate!
She said with a vicious glare, how depraved.

But the fish, still having reflex,
Flapped and bit her on the neck,
I watched her bleed and twist, not feeling slightly sad,
Because you deserve that, you sorry ass.


5 thoughts on “Fishing Fear

  1. I watched Big Fish. It’s good.

    So, in the end, did the dreamer get the fish, all by himself? The fish is monstrous!

    Nice poem 🙂

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