Two birds in the aviary

(Recapped from my old blog)

Two birds, watching the skyline from the aviary:

Bird 1: So, those are human cages?

Bird 2: Yes.

Bird 1: They’re so much bigger!

Bird 2: And more crowded.

Bird 1: The architecture is amazing!

Bird 2: They’re too busy to pay attention.

Bird 1: They must have better food in there.

Bird 2: If only they have time to enjoy them.

Bird 1: I’ve heard they have a magical device called air-con which keeps the air cool…

Bird 2: … and the fresh air out.

Bird 1: Well, they’re still better than ours, aren’t they?

Bird 2: Not necessarily. At least we’ve got trees and breeze. And you have no idea how anxious they are to get out when the clock hits six.

Bird 1: If their cages are so bad, why did they move in?

Bird 2: Because if they stay in there long enough, they can afford bigger cages.

Bird 1: But… at least they’re free to get out, while we’re stuck here forever.

Bird 2: They just move from one cage into another.


More S90 shots

More S90 test shots in Hong Kong Park:

This shy guy tried to look away and shut his eyes when I moved my camera close in macro mode. He even tried to cover his face with his hand, but I couldn’t get that shot. By the way, the turtles here seem to recognize photographers.


Otherwise, how do you explain why almost everyone in this group is looking at the camera? I mean, it looks as if they’re posing for a family shot:

A less camera-shy inhabitant of the park:

Nothing to do with Hong Kong Park, just my last shot today before the battery ran out:


愛好攝影的人,最怕就是有景而無機在手。筆者一直想買一部可隨身攜帶、有手動功能的小相機,可隨時練習光圏快門。經過一輪比較後,終於買了有f/2.0大光圏的Canon S90。這幾天烏雲密佈,正好拿大光圏玩玩:


這張是F2.0,1/640快門,ISO200 :

這張是F4.5,1/125快門,ISO200 :