Sullen sigh

My mother hates it when I sigh. She says it’s inauspicious. I used to dismiss that as pure superstition, but I’m starting to see her point.

I have no problem with people sighing as long as they do so discreetly. Nor am I against the sigh of relief, which my father gave (supposedly) after his brat got a place in university. However some people like to broadcast their frustration by incessant sighing – at the highest volume and pitch. Now I know why my mother finds it intolerable. The sound is dreadful, depressing and infects others with gloom, which is contagious like flu, and excessive sighing works like a cough in the face. Perhaps that’s where the inauspicious bit comes from.

It makes me want to wring the person into a ball and kick it out of the door.

I know sometimes we all need a little release but please dump your emotions in private, or you pollute the environment everybody shares.


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