A few EYEdeas

Imagine a future where bio-mechanical technology is so advanced that, people can change eyes like the lens of a camera.

Will there be a market?

Bird watchers will surely want telephoto eyes. So do the paparazzi. They can do their job by pretending to check out the view, inconspicuous.

Micro-sculptors need macro eyes. Cheating husbands also need them, to spot that tiny hair on the collar before the wife does.

Those who think they’re too fat can put on fisheyes to make everyone appear as rotund as them, if they enjoy self-deception so much:

Every wife who feels ignored by her tunnel-vision husband can buy a pair of wide-angle eyes for him, so that he can be aware of her presence at home, but this also makes it easier for him to check out other women on the street without moving his head.

Come to think of it, it’s his heart that really needs changing.


2 thoughts on “A few EYEdeas

    1. The eyes don’t see – the heart/brain does. And even with perfect eyes, sometimes there’re things we just can’t see.

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