After the break

So, the author has left his blog untouched for more than a month (no, that SCMP photo doesn’t count – it’s just there to keep me from forgetting this place). What kept him? Let me restart blogging by recapping the past month:

I got a new boss. You know the rest – with new management come new plans, and with new plans follows new workload. In fact my work hours are officially extended by one hour.

I won’t be volunteering in the East Asian Games.  New work arrangements are one reason – I can’t get leave days for the week of the game. But even if I do get days off, I’m still not sure if they need me. I mean, I still don’t know my duty schedule. No one has contacted me. I have no idea who to ask – I don’t know who’s my team leader yet. The games will open in 8 days.

I got an iPhone. It’s a wonderful device – the best phone I’ve used so far. I’m not gonna describe its functions here. All I want to say is that it feels tailor-made. Lots of thoughts have been put into the design to make the experience extremely smooth.

I’m also thinking about picking up French in January. With extra leave days carried forward to next year, I’m also starting to seriously plan a long trip to London (maybe other parts of Britain as well). Can anyone tell me what’s the best time to visit London?


3 thoughts on “After the break

  1. I am so glad you are back! I’m sorry that you have to work (officially) an hour more everyday — what time do you leave work now? London — Summer is best here, between June and August. But the place will be crowded! You will visit me, won’t you? I won’t be around in July, though.

    Please blog more!

  2. So I’ve ruled out July then. I’m thinking about cooler months – April, or in Autumn. I still leave work between six to seven, but now I’ve to report in one hour earlier.

  3. April is good too. Come when the weather is nice — just don’t come in Winter. It’s miserable and it gets dark very early. I look forward to meeting you again after all these years!

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