Slim chance

With the city obsessed with slimming it is only a matter of time before someone crafts a scam out of the trend.

From The Standard:

In the worst of the cases, one woman lost HK$60,000. Another woman, named Chan, provided a rundown about how she was lightened of her money…

She signed a three-month contract with a beauty center and handed over a deposit of HK$9,000, being told she would get it back if she lost 21 pounds (9.5kg).

The center then persuaded Chan to spend HK$2,000 on 11 detoxification treatments, but she lost only between six and seven pounds. Center staff then weighed in with thoughts that she needed a balance in her diet and that her living habits and health could affect the results.

And when she still failed to reach the target weight she was told she had gone against the “spirit of the contract” and her deposit was forfeited.

If the contract says you need to shed a certain weight to get your money back, then I guarantee the company will do everything to make sure you fail, such as by offering misleading advice to slow your progress.

All the victims in the news article are female, but they target men as well.

I myself had received a “free trial” offer from one of the slimming agencies. They promised to help me lose a substantial weight “without needing exercise or medication”.

How is that possible? I asked.

“Well, we have advanced machines that fire ‘pulses’ to ‘shatter your body fat’ so that it becomes easier to burn.”

Now that’s something new.

Because I used to think the only device that makes people smaller by disintegrating certain body parts is a grenade.


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