Cats may have nine lives, but…

… the scalding pain of being cooked in boiling water might make them wish they had never lived.

Another video of animal cruelty in China is circulating on the Internet. This one shows cats being boiled alive in a Chinese market.

It is believed the cat’s struggle results in faster blood flow, which is said to make the meat tastier.

I would never eat a cat (or dog), because I consider them as pets. But that’s just myself. I wouldn’t call those who eat cats “barbaric” either. Each culture has its own idea about what is acceptable food. I don’t see why eating cats should be condemned when we happily gorge on steaks. What’s the difference? The argument “You can’t eat them because they are our friends” doesn’t apply when the culture/people in question simply doesn’t see cats as pals.

Neither is cooking cats alive barbaric.

It’s demonic.

Eating cats may be no less cruel than consuming cows or pigs, just don’t aggravate their suffering before they die.

Those who do so are no better than animals.

But sadly, this is a land where some people are treated like animals. It’ll be a long time before they learn to treat animals like people.


3 thoughts on “Cats may have nine lives, but…

  1. What one eats and how one eats it are often determined by social and cultural conventions. I don’t think it is a generally accepted cultural practice to consume cats and dogs, commonly considered to be family pets rather than food entities.

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