Alumni in prison

As a graduate of HKU I’m saddened to find four scandalous stories about the university’s staff and students in today’s newspaper.

These people were living lives that many envy, until they decided to throw them away.

Former Dean of Medicine Lam Shiu-kum, 66, was sentenced to 25 months in prison for pocketing HK$3.8 million in consultation fees and donations. The top doctor had the city’s elites among his patients, including former chief executive Tung Chee-hwa.

Terence Joseph Shortall, associate professor at the Faculty of Education, will spend nine weeks in jail for molesting two female students on campus.

Two first-year students were arrested for stealing credit cards. One of them, born in France, lives in a luxury apartment in West Kowloon. They were discovered when attempting to buy a MacBook with a stolen card.

Tsoi Tsz-sheung, a year-two student, was fined HK$3,500 for seven counts of theft in a Sheung Shui shopping mall. By a stroke of luck, he was spared prison as the Magistrate decided to give him a chance to study and repay society. The Magistrate told Choi he must “keep his promise” and “never steal again”.

The stories of his alumni on today’s newspaper should remind him just that.


4 thoughts on “Alumni in prison

  1. I am too saddened to learn about the news. Do you know that our vice chancellor has sent an e-mail to us? (maybe you don’t have an account under the HKU system now)

    1. Jo: Yes I have that email. Do you know if the university has made any statement to the public rather than just its alumni? There must have been knee-jerk comments along the lines of “The top university has degraded…” blah blah blah.

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