I’m Dreaming of Home

I hate to admit it, but this scene from Joyeux Noël (Merry Christmas) made me teary-eyed:

During World War 1, various groups of English, French, German and Scottish soldiers called an unauthorized truce on the Christmas Eve of 1914. They stopped killing for one night and exchanged champagne, shared photos of loved ones and helped bury each others’ dead soldiers. This scene opens with the Scottish soldiers singing I’m Dreaming of Home. Then the German tenor sang for their men. Eventually the two sides join each other, leading to the ceasefire.

Nevertheless what actually happened that night was not as peaceful as this romanticized version shows. There were confusions and misunderstandings. The sides exchanged fire. Some people died.

I think I’m Dreaming of Home makes a wonderful song for Christmas, especially if you have to spend it away from home.

The song also appears a second time in the film, as background of the ending credits, which show a soldier’s sketches of the night when the men fraternized. The voice of the singer is beautiful and the whole sequence is very moving:


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