Spot the grey area


Black and white photography is about learning to see in monochrome.

B&W photographers train their eyes to spot interesting shades, contrasts, patterns and textures. They must also learn to filter the interference of colors. What looks good in color may become boring in B&W, as the appeal is lost without the color.

I’m still learning. But in this photo, I cheated a little bit.

You see, while my eyes can’t see in monochrome, my camera phone can. All I did was to activate B&W mode and, aha, there’s my B&W world on the LCD!

By the way the location here is Sai Wan, on the west end of Hong Kong Island. This place is full of old shops with decades of history – a perfect setting for nostalgic B&W photos. Everyday the rays of sunset turn the streets into a treasure house of shades and contrasts.

Next time, I shall bring along a real camera – my Nikon D80.

Which has no live view function, so I can’t cheat.


5 thoughts on “Spot the grey area

  1. yi…..你覺唔覺得…..中間背住鏡頭嗰個男人,好似用photoshop後期加工key入去咁呀?咁得意嘅?

    1. 因為呢…… 呢張相我較過contrast,咁咁啱佢又著白色衫,所以佢同週圍ge對比咪強烈咗囉。

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