Man Ho

7月10日按:Man Ho與manhole的發音,其實還是有少許分別的,多謝焚留言指正。詳情請看留言。

話說母親節到機場萬豪酒店飲茶,那中菜館叫「萬豪」,英文名乃音譯,叫做「Man Ho」。

Man Ho?豈不是發音跟「manhole」一模一樣?Manhole是地下水渠的出入口,香港稱為「沙井」,或者更俗的,叫「x渠」,而Manhole cover就是「x渠蓋」。

以前樓下有一間文具店,叫「文豪」,英文名也是Man Ho,當時見狀已感到不妥,料想是店主不諳英語使然,想不到國際級酒店集團也有此疏忽。

是不是我職業病發作,太過敏感,其他人simply don’t care?不過,既然連西貢Fook Man Road(福民路)路牌也引來遊客爭相拍照,傳為笑料,那Man Ho讓人有此聯想,也不是甚麼出奇的事呀。


6 thoughts on “Man Ho

  1. A little difference here. The origional English word is “MANhole”, one stress and with an “l” sound at the end. And the Chinese one is “MAN HO”, two stresses and no “l” sound.
    But yes, you may say the difference is subtle.
    I guess the reason why “Man Ho” is there is because it’s a Chinese restaurant. You know, it’s about being politically correct.

  2. You are right about the difference in pronunciation, though IMO that won’t stop people from making the association.

  3. Native English speakers with no knowledge of Chinese may at first find “He” a strange surname for a female. “Ho” unfortunately shares both the spelling and pronunciation with the short form of a vulgar word (not sure if this is the case in all varieties of English, though).

  4. “He” seems closer to the Putonghua pronunciation. And I’m not sure if native English speakers will pronounce it as “Hii”. Just like what they do with “HE/she/it”.
    While we’re at it, maybe “Hall” sounds closer to our ears. What do you think?

    1. I’m pretty sure that “He” will be confused with the pronoun “he” at first glance. Now, “Hall” is most accurate in terms of the Cantonese pronunciation of 何 but some might consider this Anglicized form “politically incorrect”.

      BTW I think “He” and “Ho” are only “romanized” but “Hall” is truly Anglicized.

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