Messing with your head

Someone in a non-descript gift shop in the airport tried to sell me a “pulse head-massager”.

Shaped like an octopus, this thing has metallic tentacles that “grab” your head. Push a button and it starts vibrating. That’s all.

I wasn’t interested, so the guy started slashing the price, all the way to HK$50.

But there was no way I’d pay anything for what I can do with my own fingers, a powerful shower head, or a vibrating cell phone.

Did I mention the original stated price was HK$380?

These guys are truly shameless.


4 thoughts on “Messing with your head

  1. “These guys are truly shameless” — indeed. I wonder if they have any business at all? Who would buy these “pulse head massagers”?

    1. Actually that happened some time ago and the place is now closed. The one on the Peak is still open, though.

  2. But then it’s the same in eateries: how much does it cost to make a cup of cold milk tea, and how much they charge you?

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