(I posted this a while ago but feel I could elaborate a bit. So I wrote some more and re-posted it here.)


This fountain in Tung Chung is popular with photographers.

Kids love to play here, and they don’t care that the water is dirty. I’ve even seen one trying to drink the water. Thankfully his mother stopped him just in time.

But getting sick should be the least of their worries. The water is powerful. One popular trick is to place a paper cup on a blowhole and watch the water propel it skywards. Now imagine what the force could do to certain vulnerable body parts. A few years ago, a boy injured his testicles while playing in a similar fountain.

Neither is it safe for the photographers. Their expensive equipment could easily get splashed at this distance.

I learned this the hard way last year. I got my camera wetted while snapping this:


It was worth it, though. This one has remained my favorite picture.

And fortunately my camera is still working.


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