Yorkshire pudding


My friend and I came here for the… you’re right, Yorkshire pudding. Although an iconic British dish, Yorkshire pudding is hard to find in Hong Kong. I think it tastes a bit like the Chinese youtiao, only more fluffy.

If you go there, try the Chicken Bonnie Prince Charlie (a large Yorkshire pudding filled with chicken stew cooked in Drambuie), Sherry Trifle and Rhubarb Crumble. I wouldn’t recommend the Steak and Kidney pie – Chippy down the hill has much better pies at half the price tag.


4 thoughts on “Yorkshire pudding

  1. I didn’t realize there are the wordings “Best of British” on the top before. Which one do they mean, the food they serve or Yorkshire pudding itself? 😛
    Anyhow, I think this place is worth a shot.

  2. Yorkshire pudding is “Best of British”? No way! The best of British is scone with clotted cream and jam, and tea. ‘Nuff said. Period.

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