Annoying but frequently used oxymorons

1. Brief details (variants: detailed summary, concise elaboration):

This is a thorough summary of the reasons why expressions like these should be deleted on sight.

If they are brief, they are not details.

2. Accelerating slowdown:

For example: “China’s economic slowdown is accelerating” or “CPI inflation slowed down at an accelerating pace in the first six months of…” It wouldn’t surprise me if sentences like these start appearing in future: “The car’s acceleration in deceleration decelerated when it went from 100 mph to 90, 50, 45 and then 44.”

It is clearer to say “the slowdown is intensifying”.

3. Negative growth:

This garbage term is favored by corporations as a pathetic attempt to masquerade losses. Investors are not stupid (I mean, not THAT stupid). “Negative growth” doesn’t sound any way better than “decrease”, and is grossly overused. It’s about as clever as a bald man saying he has reverse hair growth. I bet he also wants to age negatively.

Use expressions like these with caution (read: avoid). The word “oxymoron” ends with “moron” for good reason.


5 thoughts on “Annoying but frequently used oxymorons

  1. “The car’s acceleration in deceleration decelerated when it went from 100 mph to 90, 50, 45 and then 44.”


    I like your interpretation of the word ‘oxymoron’.

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