Twinkle twinkle little fly

The building where I live is a magnet for all sorts of insects from the nearby hills, especially during Spring.

Last night, a firefly made its way into my bedroom. It was the first firefly I’d ever seen.

It was very bright. The glow was almost as strong as the LED on my cellphone. It seems the story about an ancient student making an improvised light bulb by bagging dozens of fireflies in thin fabric could be true.

Curious, I googled why fireflies glow. Wikipedia says they use bioluminescence to attract mates or prey. That intrigued me as I was the only other visible living organism in the room. If what Wikipedia says is correct, the bug must be either extremely undersexed or underfed.

Nevertheless, it was beautiful. I can imagine hundreds of them dancing must be a mesmerizing sight.

However, as much as I liked it, I couldn’t go to bed with the knowledge that it was still in the room and might crawl onto my face (or worse, into my mouth) in my sleep.

So I picked it up gently and left it on the balcony.


7 thoughts on “Twinkle twinkle little fly

  1. I had so much fun reading this article! The part about the firefly being either underfed or undersexed is hilarious! I also liked your description of the Chinese folk story about a boy making a bulb out of a bagful of fireflies.

    I have never seen fireflies but have written some of them in poems. I hope I’ll meet one one day!

    Are you sure you picked the little creature up gently? Well, I guess you can manage gentleness very well. 🙂


    1. I suppose I did it gently enough… it still kept its shape…

      I hate bugs too, except when they are squished, flattened, or glowing.

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