Man’s “dumb, dirty and smelly” best friend

I’ve always wanted a pig for pet.

Many people shared my fondness for pigs, until they realized I wasn’t talking about food, at which point they screamed, “Ewww… how could you possibly want to get near such a dumb, dirty and disease-ridden creature? What’s wrong with you,” while covering their nose as if I’d turned into an odorous animal myself.

Well, not if you keep them clean. I’m not talking about farm pigs. Unwashed, everything is dirty: cats, dogs, kids. Pigs are not stupid too. They are thought to have intelligence comparable to that of a 3-year old human child. No offence, but a pet pig can be cleaner and is probably smarter than your infant, while being equally lovely.

I bet most people will find their heart warmed when they see the smile of a pig (yes they do smile), except of course these humanoid monsters in South Korea.

It all started with an article I read in Reader’s Digest. It told the story of a pig living with a family in a farm, a pig which “watched TV with the boy while sitting on the couch and gobbling up ice-cream”. I’ve wanted a pet pig ever since.

When the pig died of heart disease (too much ice-cream perhaps?), the boy put it this way: “Its heart was filled with so much love that it bursted.”

That brings me to one important reason that has prevented me from having a pet. You see having a shorter lifespan a pet inevitably dies before we do. I must admit I want to avoid having to confront the sadness and grief that come with its departure.

If its heart explodes, mine is caught in the blast too.


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