Dumping ground

The economy is in terrible shape. People in the financial industry are grudgy as deals run dry and investments get wrecked.

I suspect someone has recently been using my company’s washroom as a favorite place for dumping all these negative emotions, in addition to other things that usually get dumped there.

Make sure you’re not about to have, having or right after a meal before you read on…










Okay, you’ve been warned.

I’ve recently witnessed the following aftermaths of vandalistic acts:

  • Heaps of toilet paper clogging the drainage;
  • Used toilet paper scattered on the floor (yes, USED, with visible brown stain!!!);
  • A pool of urine on the floor, too large to have been caused by unintentionally missed aim;
  • And of course the classic you-know-what floating in the toilet. Either the flush was broken or someone didn’t care to flush. I pushed the button and the flush worked perfectly.

I thought I’d seen the worst until this morning, when I spotted brown smear marks on the rim of a toilet seat (and yes, I had just finished my breakfast).

I have no idea who did them.

Needless to say the janitor wasn’t pleased. I heard him cursing – the grudge infected him, and we know grudge snowballs everytime it gets passed on.

Emotion is just like litter. Dump it wantonly and you end up polluting the very environment you’re in. It’s a vicious cycle.


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