Let’s hope it’s not what I think

I was having my lunch when I spotted balls of golden brownish hair raining down outside my window.

One landed on my balcony. I picked it up. It looked like dog’s hair. More were drifting down.

Imagining what might be happening upstairs sent chills down my spine.


4 thoughts on “Let’s hope it’s not what I think

  1. That must’ve been really scary…

    Love your blog, esp your take on language and wishful thinking:) Just dropped by to say that u’ve been linked up for the “Holding Hands” series:)

    1. Thanks naperville mom, what a nice surprise to have a new visitor! Your blog is lovely too.

      Yes it was quite scary. Unfortunately there was no way to find out what had happened, unless perhaps with police involvement. I live in a 65-storey apartment block and there are at least 40 floors above mine – the hairs could’ve come from any of them.

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