10th anniversary

I went to Lingsoc’s 10th anniversay dinner at HKU last night.

I expected to see many familiar faces and a chance to catch up on old times. Instead, only two guys from my year were there. At least two full committees went missing, and Dr. Luke, the “founding father” was not in Hong Kong. It was quite disheartening.

I guess this is just what happens after so many years have passed.

The effeminate and creepy dude at our table, though, was a real eye-opener, albeit in a disturbing way.

After dinner came the dreaded “sharing session”. A round of applause to those who had the good sense of not pushing me to speak. I do enjoy public speaking, don’t get me wrong, but by that I mean a well prepared and rehearsed speech. My mind goes blank if I have to improvise one.


2 thoughts on “10th anniversary

  1. I totally understand how it feels when forced to give public speeches unrehearsed! I can understand your relief not being coerced to such an activity.

  2. I don’t think anyone would “coerce” me into speaking (like at gunpoint or something), but yes speaking unprepared is a nightmare.

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